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Studying in Europe remains affordable.
In its yearly review, in several countries, especially in Europe, higher education is still for free
  • The quality of education is really good. The Austrian Universities offer a world class environment and facilities to their students and are comparable to any other European Universities.
  • Austria is famous for their work in the field of technology and science.
  • Education is almost FREE. People coming from developing countries (INDIA) have to pay the EURO 380/- per semester fee (Incl.Student Union fee) at University of applied sciences (FH).The policy however varies from University to University so it is important to check with the University where you are interested in studying.
  • Cost of living is comparatively cheaper. Although in Vienna it may be expensive as it's the capital city.
  • Good health insurance system. It only costs EURO 23.26/- per month which even includes dental insurance unlike the German Health Insurance. If you don't think it's a bargain then compare it to approx. US $400/ month that you will have to pay to get similar coverage excluding dental treatment.
  • You get the opportunity to learn German language. The 10th most spoken language in the world which apart from Germany and Austria is spoken in Belgium, Bolivia, Czech Rep., Denmark, Hungary,Italy, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg,Paraguay, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland. Almost 10% of the books are published in this language. Last but not least is that you open a big job market for yourself.
  • You have Indian Student and Families in almost all the cities of Austria who can help you in settling down.
  • Increasingly it is becoming a popular education destination
  • As a student in Austria, one gets student-Visa (Schengen Visa) on which is valid in Most part of Europe nearly in 23 countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain etc.)
  • Apart from studying, it would give an excellent opportunity to spend time in the European continent. High Quality of Education + Low Cost + Advantage (language Job Market)