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Studying in Europe remains affordable.
In its yearly review, in several countries, especially in Europe, higher education is still for free
Italy is a country of great food, great weather, and is fast becoming an ever-more popular study abroad destination with some of the world’s top universities.
  • Italy has many oldest continually operating universities in the world. University of Bologna is believed to establish in 1008.
  • Italy has 17 universities ranked among world top 500 in the latest ranking list compiled by Webometrics.
  • Politechnic Di Milano and Politechnic Di Torino are one of the world’s finest technical universities and ranked 48 and 88 respectively for Engineering & Technology in the ranking list compiled by QS.
  • Every year 40000 international students head for Italy to enjoy one of the most unique experiences international graduate educations has to offer.
  • Italy has a high public education standard, surpassing that of other comparable developed countries, such as the UK and Germany.
  • Italy is one of the four countries that first engaged to create the so-called European Area of Higher Education through which Bologna process is being implemented all over Europe to make academic standards and quality assurance standards more compatible throughout Europe.
  • Italy is known to the world for the historical city Rome, floating city Venice, Colosseum, Oldest continually operating universities, ancient art & culture, antique architecture extravagant churches, leaning tower of Pisa, Vatican City, and Damanhur community.
  • Italian foods are well-known for their taste, herbs and spices worldwide, especially Italian pizzas and Pasta are hot favourite food to all kind of global customers.
  • Italy is the home land of famous renaissance artists Michelangelo, Leonardo da vinci, and Giovanni Bellini.
  • Italians are warm and friendly and will bend over backwards to help International students.
  • Italy is fifth most visited and highest tourism earner in the world.
  • Italian universities charge very minimal tuition fee from international students and offer master programmes exclusively taught in English.
  • Italian Universities offer plenty of scholarships to students from India than any other country in the world.
  • Italian Universities grant fee waivers, free housing at student residence, refectory meal tickets and additional money to cover living depending on the academic merits of the student.
  • Italian universities have strong relationship with industry and the programmes are designed in collaboration with companies operating in the same sector.
  • Italian Universities are student-eccentric than any other country in Europe and offers career service support to International student to find part-time job, internships and employment.
  • The career service support at Italian Universities gives student the chance to meet company managers and to attend job fairs in which hundreds of companies take part.
  • Many Italian universities exempt Indian students from attending IELTS/TOEFL.
  • All International students are entitled to access the student services as Italian students. This also applied to student loans, scholarships and housing assistance.
  • Almost every applicant succeeds in getting visa provided that the submitted documents are authentic.
Employment & Job Market
  • Italy ranks among the 8 most industrialised countries in the world.
  • Italy possess 8th largest economy in the world and 4th largest in Europe in terms of nominal GDP. The unemployment rate (8.5%) in Italy stands as one of the EU's lowest.
  • Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lamborghini are some of the most famous Italian car manufacturers in the world.
  • Italy occupies a leading international position above all in the induced activity revolving around the industry, with a dense network of companies specialised in the production of spare parts and accessories, equipment for workshops and garages, traction and braking systems, and automated systems.
  • Some of the globally acclaimed Italian companies are Edison, ENI, Assicurazioni Generali, Enel, EXOR Group, UniCredit Group, Intesa Sanpaolo, Telecom Italia, Poste Italiane, Finmeccanica and Premafin Finanziaria.