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Studying in Europe remains affordable.
In its yearly review, in several countries, especially in Europe, higher education is still for free
The Netherlands in its entirety is often referred to as Holland.
  • The Dutch educational system is interactive, business-driven and it focuses on teamwork.
  • The Netherlands has over 50 years of experience with offering international programmes.
  • The Dutch educational system is of high quality and is acknowledged worldwide.
  • 95% of the inhabitants speak English which makes communication with the locals easy.
  • Total number of international students is 81,700.
  • 1,543 international study programmes are taught entirely in English.
  • Foreign students who would like to take paid work alongside their studies are allowed to do so.
  • Dutch universities have good relations with foreign partner institutes and facilitate their students to engage in exchange programmes and study tours.
  • Higher education is partly subsidized in the Netherlands, which means that tuition fees can be kept relatively low especially compared with countries like the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • With a residence permit for the purpose of ‘search year upon graduation’ foreign students have free access to the Dutch labour market for the course of one year after graduation.
  • The Dutch system of higher education enjoys a worldwide reputation for high quality. Experience shows that people who have studied at a Dutch higher education institution perform very well in other parts of the world. This quality is achieved through a national system of regulation and quality assurance.
  • The Times Higher Education Supplement ranks 10 universities in Holland among the top 200 in the world. Holland has also received international acclaim for its groundbreaking Problem-Based Learning system.
  • The Netherlands has been recognized as the knowledge centre of long study traditions and well- known universities. Dutch international scientific research is placed in the very top ranks. Thanks to its high quality the Dutch education meets all standards and is acknowledged worldwide.
  • Undergoing education in the Netherlands is the key for a successful worldwide career. Holland has received international acclaim for its ground-breaking Problem - Based Learning system.
  • The Dutch universities have a long tradition and have a world class reputation. Many famous artists, writers, philosophers, and scientists have come from the Netherlands. Amsterdam houses more museums per square meter than any other city in the world.
  • The Netherlands has a very strong economy and has been playing a special role in the European economy for many centuries.
  • The Netherlands is one of the world's 10 leading exporting countries. The Netherlands has the 16th largest economy in the world, and ranks 7th in GDP (nominal) per capita.
  • Due to its central position, the Netherlands has been described as the Gateway to Europe. In reality, all famous European capitals are within easy reach: Paris and Berlin, Brussels and London are all situated within an hour flight from the Dutch capital - Amsterdam.
  • The Netherlands' location gives it prime access to markets in the UK and Germany, with the port of Rotterdam being the largest port in Europe.
  • The country continues to be one of the leading European nations for attracting foreign direct investment and is one of the five largest investors in the United States.
  • Amsterdam is the financial and business capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is the 5th busiest tourist destination in Europe with more than 4.2 million international visitors.
  • Foodstuffs form the largest industrial sector. Other major industries include chemicals, metallurgy, machinery, electrical, goods and tourism. Examples include Unilever, Heineken, financial services (ING), chemicals (DSM), petroleum refining (Shell), electronic machinery (Philips, ASML) and car navigation Tom-tom.