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Studying in Europe remains affordable.
In its yearly review, in several countries, especially in Europe, higher education is still for free
Indians students always think about only U.S, U.K & Canada. They never think about any other educational destinations. We are bringing to your kind notice that we have plenty of other educational destinations which offer us nominal tuition fees or zero tuition fees. As for Indian students they are very strong enough academically but financially they might not good enough. for these kind of students this is the greatest opportunity to study internationally and enhance there knowledge and move ahead with better settlements rather than paying lacs of rupees to U.S, U.K & Canada universities they should opt for European universities which will save lacs of rupees.

Most of the universities are public run by the Govt. these govt. are spending up 20% of the GDP towards education. That’s why these universities have enough funding from the government and local companies. There is no discrimination between international students and local students will also have to pay the same as international students.

If you compare the students to the other countries with U.S, U.K, Canada & Australia local students they have to pay 1000 dollars whereas international students will have to pay 10,000 dollar for the same platform.

The Education in Europe is the major aim for the Students all over the World who aspires a greater and higher educational system. No surprise, while the diplomas of the best European Universities are accepted internationally, where as almost every company aspires to have a European Graduate employee. Besides, there are upto thousand Universities, Colleges, Schools and academies in various European Countries. If we gaze at faculties and specializations in various Universities in Europe, there is really a wide range of choices, beginning from Sciences, and upto Arts and Engineering. Everything depends on your choice
Higher Education is a Must
Everyone knows that higher education is tremendously significant for all members of any civilization. It is essential to build up knowledge and to provide it to other people, who are willing to learn something innovative. The world is constantly changing, so education is not still. There are many novelties and discoveries all around. Europe can brag many universities and higher institutions whereby students from all the countries can learn everything they want. The methods of study are quite modern and appealing. A lot of prospects will be opened before many scholars. Much more, many educational organizations in Europe are renowned.
  • Most of the inventors came from the European unions. For ex. Einstein, Aristotle, Madam Curie, Newton, Rudolf Deisel, Karl Benjamin and many more in the list. It shows how good enough are they in research works.
  • Most of the universities are the highly internationally ranked, and they are noble prize winners
  • European educational system one of the best in the world as of today.
  • Internship is the part of their curriculum.
  • Some of the European countries like Sweden, Italy it is not mandatory to submit IELTES, TOEFL & GRE reports. If the students are having these reports he will get much more advantage.
  • There are wide range of courses available for international students in European union e.g. Germany( mechanical, bio-technology, chemistry, automobiles etc).France( nuclear energies, management, mathematics, physics and aeronautics)
  • European Universities have a cherished, long and proud history of academic excellence dating back as early as to the 11th century.
  • Qualified students can avail plenty of scholarship opportunities that are offered by the European Commission, National Governments, various societies, industries and research institutions to cover their living expenses. The tuition fees waived out completely from the European system but still the student can get living expenditures through scholarships ( e.g. most of the countries like German will provide DAAD scholarship and France will provide to you French scholarship and Sweden will provide to you meritorious scholarships. Many more scholarships and fellowships are also available for international students.
  • The system of collaborations with industries operating in respective field has been set as a priority by many European Universities and it gives an excellent opportunity for students to pursue internship in collaborated industries. A student has the opportunity to closely follow the latest research advancements through participating in undergoing research projects at universities.
  • The curricula at several European Universities are also designed to impart innovative and entrepreneurial skills among the students.
  • Europe offers a unique cultural experience in a dynamic, multinational and encouraging environment. Besides earning a world-class qualification, student will have the chance to learn new languages and intercultural skills that are of great value to future employers and an essential advantage in an ever-changing competitive world.
  • Student is allowed to work 23 hours/day part-time while studying and it helps them in further life.
  • Indian students are not required to submit IELTS/TOEFL scores for admission and visa to Sweden and Italy.
  • GRE or GMAT is not required for admission into a majority of European Universities and good Business Schools.
  • Visa process is hassle-free and necessitates minimal financial documents.
  • International Students will be issued Schengen visa which would facilitate them to travel European countries.
  • European countries have least crime rate when compared to other continents.
  • European countries are environmental friendly and making eco-innovation an everyday reality is a key priority
The Wonders of Studying in Europe
There are a lot of things which Europe can offer the world. One of it is its education. Not only was it labeled for the excellent quality of education, there are still a lot of benefits you can get from studying in Europe. There are some institutions in Europe which offer several scholarships that varies according to the degree and field which the student chose. Education in Europe also provides up to date facilities that the students can use. Institutions in Europe also provide favorable setting for the students to achieve their maximum potential of learning.
European Education and its Development
Europe, which is known for the excellent quality of education it can offer, is now contributing to the world other fields of interests. Little by little, institutions in Europe provides their students other fields of interests such as sports, spiritual, physical as well as in-depth science. Those who are concerned believe that these categories might as well be part of their curriculum. They have observed that there are a lot of students whose field of interests lies within those added fields. There are also institutions in Europe that specialize in these fields.
Centre of Excellent Education
Europe is a country which is known for its finest tourist attractions and fine cuisines. Europe is not only known for that but also for the excellent quality of education. Most students, even those who are outside Europe prefer the education offered in this country. Known institutes can be found in this country which offers different fields for students with different interests. The education setting in this country provides students a workplace wherein they can maximize their own potentials. The numerous institutions that can be found in Europe ensure a top class quality of education.
  • Students should have good academic background.
  • If you are looking forward to apply for the European universities you have to be careful enough with the application date. Most of the European countries will take your very early applications. For ex- if you like to apply for the 2013 Aug intake you should apply this year November and December and Jan 15th is the final deadline. 50% of European universities will close down their admission dates like (Norway, Finland, Sweden, German, France) rest of the universities are open upto March-April.
  • Whereas some of the universities take first come first serve basis. Some of the European union’s will close Asian quote also.
  • The students who are pursuing their final year can also apply without GRE, TOEFL; IELTS once you get this course later on you can submit it to universities. Some of the European universities is not mandatory for TOEFL, GRE, IELTS
  • Most of the European universities well funded they do have international research centers i.e. the reason they are noble prize winners. So, if you like to apply for PhD in these universities you must have good academic record, international publication and 1-2 years of research experience as an advantage. Most of the universities is providing for the fellowships. Fellowships will be started around 1000-2000 Euros per month. Some of the European countries will take you the employee of the universities like Netherlands they will pay you scale-4 salary.
    Since most of the students are aware that higher education in Europe would have greater job prospects and open wider horizons for them, they are also burdened with the fact that it is very costly and next to unaffordable. Hence they try for the various scholarships offered by European universities in the admission tests that they conduct for enrolment of abroad students.
    • Several scholarships is available in several European countries like Germany provide for you the DAAD scholarships, Indo-German scholarships, In France you have campus French scholarships and international fellowships . Finland also provides international scholarships, Norway will provide to you Asian quota.
    • Most of the European countries having their own languages but instructions in universities are absolutely in English whereas some universities might teach you local language as well. Students should be careful to apply for 100% English instruction courses in this regard no need to learn the local language and if you learn it .It will be helpful for you to gain some part time jobs over there and even it is helpful in internship program too.
    It is of utmost importance that any student who wishes to pursue higher education in Europe must have a sponsor for his/her student visa. Different universities have different requirements for visa application and offer stay limits to foreign students, so each point in the admission brochure must be adhered to as foreign admission for education in Europe is not such a simple process.
    • Getting of admissions in European countries is very difficult as compared to getting visa. The simple reason behind this is that they had a limited number of seats in public universities(max.30 seats), 50 % of locals and 50% of internationals for the international students having only 15 seats.
    • If the student has been selected for any scholarships or fellowships there is no need to show any financial documents to the embassy. If student des not get fellowship or scholarship then he has to show the cost of living expenditures.
    • Students can show living expenditures in the form of educational bank loans or savings account or sponsorship.
    • Some of the European countries is not mandatory TOEFL, IELTS and some of them are having it mandatory.
    • Earlier we mentioned internship is the part of their curriculum in most of the European universities. In this regard student has to expose their technical skills in the period of their internship. He/She will get valuable work experience as well as salary too. She/he may expect 800 Euros to 1600 Euros.
    • Once the person finishes Graduation or Post Graduation. He / She may extend the visa from 6 months to 1 year.
    • Once he/she shows the job he/she can convert his visa into work permits or PR (Permanent Residential).
    • Student can travel all 27 countries and settle down any country of his choice.
    Overall development with European education
    Exposure to a high quality of education along with scientific, sports, physical, religious, spiritual, sexual and many other categories contributes to overall development with European education. In Europe you get a chance to meet mates from various parts of the world and develop better human relations and a mutual understanding. So we have in Europe minds from different parts of the world who can easily tackle any problem.